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The Stillness of Nature — December Art Update

While visiting family over Thanksgiving in my home town of Covington, Kentucky, I had an opportunity to visit Kay Hurley, an oil and pastel artist from Cincinnati.  I took a workshop from Kay several years ago and we’ve stayed in touch since then.  Her studio is located in Cincinnati in an arts section of town that hosted artists’ open houses Thanksgiving weekend.  It was a nice, artful alternative to the malls.

Kay shared that she’s now doing Giclee with her art, which I also just started doing to make canvas reproductions of my original paintings to accommodate customers who want a painting that has already been sold.  Giclee (gee-clay) is a term for fine art digital prints made on certain high resolution printers.

This seems to be an emerging approach as the National Gallery of Art has just signed a contract with an art company and gallery in Louisville, Kentucky, to reproduce some of its most significant Impressionist works in Giclee.  I marvel at the advances in creativity, materials and technology that enable reproduction of original paintings in ways that make it difficult to tell which is the original and which is the reproduction.

Even more so, I marvel at creation itself which has been the original source for art throughout history.  Winter, especially, is an artistic time of year when nature invites us to be still.  I sought to capture the season’s quiet with this painting that I did earlier this year – it’s titled Afternoon Stillness.

Afternoon Stillness

Amidst the hustle of the season, may you experience moments of stillness by enjoying nature’s canvas.

Artfully yours,


13 Dec 2011