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21st Century Shepherds — February Art Update

The concept of being a shepherd might seem out of place in the 21st century and certainly unrelated to my monthly art updates. After all, few of us live off the land or have responsibilities for animals.

And yet, we all really do have a role of being shepherds.  Whether we are parents or grandparents, teachers or artists, we have a responsibility to be shepherds who encourage and guide the next generations of families, students and artists.

It’s in this perspective that I am delighted that my painting Sheep is part of a series of reflections being shared with children around the world to help them understand the Bible. Last month, the executive director of Preserving Bible Times asked if Sheep could be the thematic image for their new series “Being a Son of a First-Century Shepherd”.

This series, which is being shared by David C. Cook Global Missions, is being distributed to orphans and semi-orphans ages 8-12 in India. It’s about shepherding in the first-century and is written from the perspective of a 12 year-old boy who is learning from his father what it means to care for sheep. To learn more about this series, visit

Wherever life finds you, may you fulfill your shepherd role well.

Artfully yours,


27 Feb 2012