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Where is Your Stretch? – November Art Update

So… how many of us might admit that we’d just as soon go through our days and weeks peacefully in our comfort zones?  That’s right.  The place where we control what happens, when it happens and how it happens so the temperature of our life never breaks a fever.  Where we never cross the line of being stretched to try something that has us feeling vulnerable or all thumbs.

This fall I attended an art workshop led by renowned American portrait artist Nancy Seamons Crookston.  It was my first attempt at portrait painting and yes, I was definitely outside my artistic comfort zone.

How would I describe the feeling?  Let’s start with humbled.  Add in stimulating.  And round if off with challenged and a little scary.

But most of all, I loved being stretched. It was exhilarating once I got past the contours of my comfort zone.  And it left me with this thought – where am I stretched in life and even more so, where am I willing to be stretched in life?

Maybe there are some stretches in your life that will exhilarate you.  I hope so.

Speaking of being stretched, we’re on the eve of two big holidays.  As you consider the decision of gifts, I invite you to attend a Double Blessing Holiday Gift Party on Sunday, Nov. 24.  Held at the home of Lindsay Hutter in Alexandria, this party is showcase of gifts made by artists such as me and artisans from here in the Washington, DC area to all around the world.  Many of the organizations participating support women and families in under-developed countries that are marginalized and desperate for base needs.  This is a wonderful opportunity to bless the creators of the gifts that will be displayed and offered for sale as well as the recipients of your gifts.  I’ve attached an invitation to this party and hope that you can come or support it online.

Here’s to stepping into our stretch.

Artfully yours,


6 Nov 2013