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Nature is Serenading You – Are You Listening? November Art Update

Dear friends –

Have you ever noticed that our life speed picks up as we round the corner from summer to fall and from fall into the Thanksgiving and Christmas seasons?  Invariably, our “to do” lists become longer and our calendars fuller.

And it’s just at that moment there is a sort of tipping point in our awareness of nature.  Our ears become more attuned to ringing phones and cars in traffic than the morning song of wrens and robins and cardinals. Our eyes become more focused on texts and emails and screens than the pleasures of birds in flight and nature putting on her fall coat of yellows and oranges and reds.

I’m as guilty as anyone of crossing the tipping point.  Thankfully, the need to fill a blank white canvas that’s staring me in the face brings me back out of the world’s zone and into nature’s serenade.  And what a double gift it is!  I gain ideas for those blank canvases and I experience the moments of peace that creation so uniquely provides.

Here’s to each of us claiming back moments every day to enjoy nature’s serenade.

And, here’s hoping that you can join me at the Double Blessing Holiday Gift Party on Sunday, Nov. 9 from 2-4pm at the Campagna Center in Alexandria, Virginia.  I’ll have an exhibit of my original paintings, new art mugs, art cards and my 2015 art calendar.  There also will be over 20 different artists, authors and vendors selling a range of beautiful crafts, jewelry, clothing and more!  For more information, contact Lindsay Hutter at

Artfully yours,


Autumn Glory

Autumn Glory

Posted by mabrials on November 2, 2014

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