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Seeing the Essence — June Art Update

Last month, I was able to tour Paris and its abundance of great art with my art teacher Rob Vander Zee and several fellow artists in the Vander Zee Gallery. All over again, we were reminded of the great legacy of French artists as we viewed the originals of Monet, Morisot, Millet and so many others.

My favorites are the Impressionists. They introduced a new way of painting and seeing life around us. They captured the essence of a scene… its spirit. They didn’t spell out a scene; they suggested it.

As an artist who is trying to grow into a more Impressionist style, I can attest that “suggestion” is not as easy as it seems. We humans tend to want what’s highly visible and highly tangible. The unseen, the imagined and the mysterious are often beyond our reach and our patience. And yet there is something unsurpassingly fulfilling about seeing the unseen and allowing the spirit of something – whether it’s on canvas or in life — reveal itself to us.

Here are a few images of my recent works, since returning from France, to create the essence of water lilies.

Water Lily Impressions I

Water Lily Impressions I

Water Lily Impressions II

Water Lily Impressions II

Since returning from France, Patrick’s Fine Linens and Décor of Old Town, Alexandria, has signed me on as one of their featured artists. If you’ve not been to their two locations in the 100 block of N. St. Asaph Street, you’re missing a real treat. Patrick’s owners and designers, Troy Englert and Patrick Dempsey, have brought the finest in home décor and furniture to Alexandria with their two stores, which are within a few feet of each other. They are featuring a selection of my original oil paintings and several dozen of my art cards. If you have a chance to stop in either or both of their stores, please let them know you’re a friend of Nancy’s. As summer begins, here’s to seeing the unseen in life, relationships and art.

Artfully yours,


Posted by mabrials on June 1, 2012

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