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Awaken Your Soul – February Art Update

Dear friends,

A recent article in the Financial Times brought to life how bombarded we are with information and interruptions. From email to texts to tweets and who knows what else, we are at risk of being slaves to technology — or worse. The worst part is the numbing of our spirits to be stirred by what is quiet and requires reflection rather than what rings or dings and demands us to respond.

Perhaps now more than ever, art has a vital role in our culture — to quiet our racing and fragmented minds and awaken our soul. To invite us to be still and receive a painting’s invitation to reflect and feel.

If you find the frenzy of life and technology taking its toll, maybe an afternoon visiting art galleries or an art museum will help quiet your soul and awaken it to creativity and beauty.

For today, here is my small contribution to providing a moment of peace — two paintings I just finished.

Water Lily Impressions IV

Water Lily Impressions IV

Water Lily Impressions III

Water Lily Impressions III

Artfully yours,


Posted by mabrials on February 25, 2013

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