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Befriending Courage – July 2013

Dear friends —

Every day, our paths cross with someone who is being courageous whether we are aware of it or not. It could be a person in a new job, trying to learn new skills while overcoming their insecurity and trying to please the customers and their boss. It could be a person standing next to us in the supermarket line who is battling an illness, trying to sustain their spirits in the face of pain and uncertainty. It could be a recent high school graduate starting college, trying to be courageous as they leave home, move into a dorm and enter a whole new world.

PathCourage comes in many forms. So often we are so focused on our priorities and agenda that we miss these little moments of courage in action. For artists, the need for courage comes when we are exhibiting our work. There it is… naked before the world, our friends and others that have come to view it. Each exhibit I participate in brings me closer to seeing courage in other people. The need for courage in our own situations has a way of breeding an awareness of what others may be going through in their lives.

Pictured here is my painting, The Path. It reminds me of something the commencement speaker at my granddaughter’s high school graduation said last week, and also the point of being aware of others and their moments of courage as we are journeying through life —

“It’s important to have goals but more important to keep your eye on the path rather than the goal.”  

To all those who came to my recent exhibit at River Farm in Alexandria, Va., thank you for the encouragement you gave me. To those who purchased my paintings, may they bring you joy and peace.

One final comment about the word “courage”. It comes from the Latin word cor, which means “heart.” So, a courageous act is an act coming from the heart.

Here’s to going through each day befriending courage — wherever we see it.

Artfully yours,

Posted by admin on July 1, 2013

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