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Life as the Canvas – September 2013

Dear friends —

Throughout the year, most of us are at work on a canvas of some sort. As an artist, I’m before the easel with my paint brushes to try to create beauty. Teachers stand before their students to try to help them learn. Doctors stand before their patients to try to help them heal, and the list goes on.

fallSummer is a time when we can step back and look at the bigger canvas — the one of our lives. Having just returned from a summer in Coronado, California, and a treasured time of rest and reflection, I am reminded anew of just how much art is taking place in people’s lives. Some are splashing their life canvases with new experiences and new relationships. Others are at a beginning with blank canvas, mustering the courage to paint a new life. And still others are putting more layers on a familiar scene.

Something I have learned in art as well as life is that everything currently on the canvas needn’t be permanent. It can be changed… it can be painted over… it can become something different. Oh, if you could see the underneath layers of most paintings you would be amazed at the paintings that “didn’t become”!

Wherever life finds you as we turn our calendars to autumn, I wish you imagination for the canvas of life you are painting. Let the fall leaves that change from vibrant greens to robust oranges and yellows be your inspiration.

Artfully yours,

Posted by admin on September 30, 2013

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