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“Lord, Grant that I may always desire more than I can accomplish.”
— Michael Angelo

Nancy Ziegler’s appreciation of art began when she and her husband, Ron, traveled around while he served in the Nixon administration and later as President and CEO of two national trade associations. Since beginning her art career in 2006, Nancy Ziegler has studied at the Alexandria Art League and now studies with Robert Vander Zee at the Vander Zee Studio Painters in Alexandria, Virginia. She also has studied under renowned American Landscape artists Larry Horowitz, M. Katherine Hurley, Kevin MacPherson, Carolyn Anderson, and Sara Linda Poly.

Nancy has exhibited at the Vander Zee Gallery and DigiLink in Alexandria, and at Hill & Knowlton Public Relations’ Corporate Art Program in Washington, D.C. Her art is in private collections in Virginia, Maryland, Washington, D.C., Connecticut, Colorado, California, Illinois, Kentucky, Mississippi, Jordan and Saudi Arabia, as well as the offices of the C.S. Lewis Institute in Virginia.

Nancy has a sense for beauty and color and wants to share what she feels on canvas. She believes that nothing is more beautiful than nature and is inspired in her works by the great masters of art.

“Art has touched my life in many ways. Bring life to the canvas in color and form is a gift I want to share with others.”
— Nancy Ziegler


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